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Tips to Pass your Driving Test

driving school melbourneYou’ve been preparing to become a driver for months now. You have taken your lessons, heeded all your driving lesson tips, learned a lot of theory and gotten a fair amount of actual driving time. You feel pretty confident behind the wheel. Still, thinking about your exam makes you nervous—after all, thousands of people fail every year. So what should you do to make sure you do pass?

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Here’s some useful tips on how to pass your driving test:

Don’t ever allow the stress to overwhelm you.

How to pass your driving testStress is likely the number one reason students make the kind of mistakes that fail them during their driving tests. The clammy, trembling hands, the cold seat, the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach—all of those things worsen your reflex and make it harder for you to concentrate. Relax the evening before as well, try to have a good sleep and breakfast the next day morning.

Practice as often as you can.

hands on driving testSure, you have the hours you’ve paid for with your instructor, but the old adage that practice makes perfect is still as true as ever. The more of a feel you have for how a car moves, the better your exam will go. Get more driving lessons if necessary, or ask you parents to take you out to an abandoned parking lot to practice. The same goes for theory: reread what you’ve learned, it’s best to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

If you do make a mistake, don’t panic.

learn to drive and pass your training testNot all mistakes are serious enough to disqualify you, so even if you do make a little one, don’t feel overwhelmed with disappointment and embarrassment all at once. That will completely throw you, causing you to make more mistakes. If something has gone a bit wrong, stay as calm as you can and try to correct it as soon as possible. There is a fair chance that if you manage to recover from your mistake and stress fast enough, it won’t result in you failing at all.

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Be prepared for various weather and road conditions.

testing your off road drivingIt would be great if you could have some sort of guarantee that both the sky and road would be clear on the day of your driving test, but unfortunately that’s entirely impossible. Because of this, you should not always take the easiest routes during your practice with the instructor. If you’re only used to favorable conditions, what will happen if your exam takes place on a foggy, wet day, on a crowded? Dealing with difficult conditions can be frustrating at first, but once you learn you will have no reason to fear them on your test.

Be open to criticism.

importance of driving lessons so you can pass your driving testCriticism can be a good thing, as it can teach us valuable lessons for the future. That is, if we listen. Take in whatever feedback the instructor offers you and don’t get too angry, even if he or she does inform you that you’ve failed: remember, you’ll have to take the test again, and you might just get the same examiner. Listen to what they have to say, whatever that is, and thank them politely.

Driving tests are not really hard, as all they basically are is a combination of everything you’ve learned so far, plus stress. As long as you don’t give into that stress, use common sense and all of the skills you’ve learned, you should have no problems passing at all.

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How to Pass your Driving Test

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