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Driving Test Nerves – Top Tips

driving lessons melbourneImportant tests can be anxiety provoking for anyone, especially a high stakes test like a driver’s license exam. Our Driving school in Melbourne school is a great resource in preparing for your driving. Signing up for driver lessons, taking good care of yourself, practicing for the driving test, and being prepared ahead of the exam, and trying to avoid panicking before or during the test are all ways to help boost your confidence and increase the likelihood you’ll pass your driver test on the first try. If you are about to take your test, we recommend that you first read our tips for passing your driving test, if you feel like your nerves are getting on top of you, read on to find out how to manage your nerves.

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Top Tips for managing driving test nerves

If you are nervous about your driving test or about driving, out top tips will help you deal with your nerves and reduce your anxiety.

  1. Sign up for driving lessons. Driver’s education is the best way to get a comprehensive idea of what to expect for your driver exam, and many driver’s education programs are tailored especially to help you pass the exam. The professionals who administer driving exams also know that formal driving education equips new drivers with the skills, knowledge, and experience they’ll need for safe driving. Driver education centers are constantly revising their curriculum to include information relevant to driver license tests.
  1. Take care of yourself. Resting well, eating well, and doing whatever you can to help lower your stress levels before the exam will help you to focus on driving lesson tip good restdoing your best when the time comes, and help prevent you from making mistakes from high nerves. Taking good care of yourself will also help you to learn what you need to, and retain what you learn prior to the exam, which could help to prevent panic and driver test nerves.
  1. Practice, practice, practice. The best way to build confidence prior to your exam is going to be practice. Learn what routes you are likely expected to drive on the exam, and practice them. Learn the rules outlined in your driver’s education book, and have a family member or friend quiz you on them. Take any practice exams offered to you, either found online or through your local driving school.

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  1. guarantee-seal-2Be prepared for the exam. Make sure to arrive at the exam site on time (or even early!) with the required documentation, and set aside some time before your exam appointment for some last minute studying. Talk to other new drivers, and see what helped them feel most prepared for their driving tests. Make sure you ask any questions you may have before the exam starts. Knowing you’re prepared will help to calm your driver test nerves.
  1. Don’t panic. Remember that driving test administrators and staff will know that you are nervous. Try to think through relaxation techniques that work for you which can help you center and re-focus if you’re having a hard time before or during the test. Panicking will increase the likelihood of having difficulty recalling what you’ve learned, or making an easily preventable mistake on the road.

driving testYou may also want to consider enlisting a supportive friend or family member to help you think of ways to calm your nerves ahead of your driving exam. Remember, this is a milestone almost every adult eventually reaches! If you are nervous ahead of your driver’s exam, contact your local driving school to see what courses they offer that may help you build some confidence ahead of the text, or address any concerns you may have. It is natural to be nervous before your test so Good luck! For more information on driving in Melbourne, you may find our driving resource guide very useful.

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