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At Best Driving School Melbourne, we offer an extensive range of driving lessons for all levels of driving experience. Learning to drive can seem a daunting task and if you are looking for Driving Lessons in Melbourne then you have come to the right place.

Our friendly qualified driving instructors are up to date on the latest techniques from teaching new drivers the basics to advanced driving tactics.

Our Melbourne Driving Lessons

We offer many different types of driving lessons in Melbourne catered for  different skills and needs, and every lesson is always further adapted to suit the ineeds of each student.  The types of driving lessons we offer include

  • Learner Driving Lessons
  • Defensive Driving Courses
  • Manual & Automatic Car Lessons
  • Motorway Driving lessons
  • Intensive Driving Courses
  • Refresher Courses

Learner Driving Lessons

manual driving courseAt Best Driving School Melbourne are so confident in our learner driving lessons and instructors that we guarantee a first time pass rate for learner drivers, or they get the next lesson free! Just imagine the freedom you’ll have once you pass your driving test and get your hands on that new license to freedom. Best Driving School Melbourne is ready to get you behind the wheel of the car an on with the rest of your life.

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Defensive driving lessons

Our Defensive Driver lessons are to teach safe driving to  and for the students to gain key driving skills enabling them to react to any potential security threat.

Manual Driving Lessons

manual driving lessonsManual driving lessons are for those who really want to make the most of the driving experience. A bit more complicated than automatic driving lessons, manual driving lessons teach additional coordination and concentration by requiring the simultaneous and coordinated use of both the gearbox and clutch, rewarding drivers with financial savings and a greater amount of control over the vehicle.

Automatic Driving Lessons

A bit easier to get the hang of than driving a manual car, learning to drive an automatic car usually goes faster, which makes it the better option for people who need to get their drivers’ license sooner than later. It is also a good choice for the elderly or other people who are not entirely confident n their physical abilities. Our automatic lessons will ensure that you are confident in driving a automatic car.

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Motorway Lessons

Driving down a motorway is a completely different experience than driving down a regular city street—so different, in fact, that many people the world over have been insisting that there be a separate test for driving on motorways. Our motorway lessons are perfect for drivers who have in fact passed their test, but would still like to practice taking on the challenge that is driving on a motorway under the eye of a trained instructor before trying it out on their own.

Intensive Driving Courses

intensive driving lessons melbourneThere are many reasons you may suddenly decide that getting your driver’s license just can’t wait. Whatever you motivation, our intensive driving courses and instructors will teach you all you need to know about driving and in as short a period of time as possible, so you can pass your driving test and take a step forward in life.

Refresher Lessons

Has it been a while since you’ve had the chance to actually drive anywhere? Maybe you were ill for a longer period of time or just didn’t have access to a car? Or perhaps you have just moved to Australia for a part of the world that drives on the opposite side of the road? Whatever your reason, if you’re feeling a bit rusty, there is no shame in admitting you need to refresh your memory a little bit. In the positive, supportive environment we provide, you’ll be ready to take on the road again in no time! Our refresher driving lessons are ideal to brush up on your driving skills and build your confidence.

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Whatever your needs, our you can be sure they will be met at our driving school. Melbourne is a center for learner drivers for a reason—because we offer the highest quality services that then become your best investments!

Pass Your Test The First Time With Best Driving School Melbourne.

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It’s no secret.  You just want to pass your test and get your licence.  But not every driving school is capable of helping you pass your 1st time.