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Defensive Driving Courses Melbourne

Defensive driving is a way of driving that allows motorists to address various driving hazards and dealing with them in a predictable and structured way that helps to minimize the negative consequences of any given situation occurring on the road.

These strategies go far beyond the basic traffic law instruction course that must be done to get a driver’s license, as they help students learn to avoid many serious risks by anticipating potentially dangerous situations and being able to keep their heads about them in order to make logical decisions, as opposed to the kind of impulsive, panicked ones that only make things worse for everyone involved.

defensive driving During a defensive driving course students also learn how much weather and road conditions affect a given situation, and how to properly take them into account while making such decisions. At Best Driving School Melbourne, with addition to our defensive lessons we also provide a wide variety of driving lessons, including learner driver lessons and refresher driving courses.

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Our Defensive Driving Course Include

1.    Traffic crashes, and their dynamics

2.    Contributing psychological factors, i.e. the real fatal 4, driver attitude and behavior

3.    Crash prevention

4.    Safety equipment, vehicle maintenance and tire selection

The most common reasons for crashes, their emotional impact, as well just how much they cost yearly is something everyone should know, and they are among the things that will be discussed during the defensive driving course. Worldwide, road crashes kill well over million people per year and leave up to 50 million disabled. The saddest part of this is that most of these tragedies could have been prevented if the drivers involved were knew how to deal with various  dangerous situations on the road. Defensive driving courses teach students how to limit the forces of impact of a collision, or even avoid the collision altogether.

driving lessonsMany things that happen on the road are out of our control, but psychological factors can be controlled. Defensive driving courses focus on how drivers can overcome things such as stress, fatigue, emotional distress and road rage and help drivers develop a positive attitude and focus better on their task. Another thing worth mentioning here is the so-called Real Fatal 4: overconfidence, risk-taking, inexperience and peer influence, factors that are believed to be responsible for so many novice drivers dying on Australian roads.

Avoiding crashes is the most important aspect of a good defensive driving strategy. During the defensive driving course, students learn crucial crash prevention techniques including being fully aware of both what their vehicle is capable of and of their surroundings, and being able to assess how environmental conditions affect each situation.

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It is estimated that half of all deaths caused by car crashes could be prevented if the victim had taken care to wear his of her seat belt properly. Other safety items such as child seats, head rests and air bags are all there to help protect the driver and passengers as well, and defensive driving courses offer tips on how to make sure all of these features are properly maintained and used so as to ensure greater safety. How to select and care for the right tyres and other equipment for your car will be discussed as well to make sure your car is as safe as it can be.

practice drivingThese are only some of the topics that are part of a comprehensive defensive driving lesson. The most important thing is that defensive driving course could help save your life and the lives of others, by making you aware of many important issues and factors you may not have previously paid attention to.

Our qualified driving instructors  make learning to drive easier, at Best Driving School Melbourne we  provide defensive driving courses and lessons in Perth with both male and female instructors, at a time and place that suits you. Our range of lessons includes manual car driving lessons for those who need to learn quickly to refresher courses to brush up on your drivers skills.

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