Tips for Senior Drivers

Tips for senior drivers

Tips for Senior Drivers It’s a normal part of life that our abilities change as we become older—we become better at some things, and worse at others. Luckily, driving is a lifelong skill, and one of the things we can continue doing well and safely our entire lives. However, the elderly should pay special attention the any warning signs that … Read More

Retaking Your Driving Test

Retaking Your Driving Test

Retaking Your Driving Test So you failed your driving test. Yes, you were disappointed and frustrated at first, but those feelings have now been replaced by feelings of determination, as well they should be. You’re going to try again, good for you! Not many people pass the first time around anyway, so you failing your first attempt is nothing to … Read More

Failed Your Driving Test?

Retaking Your Driving Test

Failed Your Driving Test? So it happened, you failed your driving test. You’re disappointed and frustrated, and just trying to figure out what went wrong and when that happened. You’re also a bit embarrassed—you know your family members are waiting for a phone call, and you aren’t looking forward to breaking the news to them at all. So what now? … Read More

Your Driving Exam

Passing your driving exam

Your Driving Exam To become a licensed driver you have to pass two exams: a theoretical one and a practical driving test. The combined knowledge you’ll possess after having passed your both parts of driving test/exam will help you meet the challenges driving presents. You might not think about how complicated driving actually is when you watch other people drive, … Read More

Driving Test Preparation

Passing Your Driving Test

Driving Test Preparation A driving test is a big day for any driving student, the moment you’ve been working at waiting for, and it’s definitely an exciting one, heralding the beginning of a new stage in your life. However, it can also be daunting. What if I don’t pass? My friends and family will laugh at me. What if I … Read More

What Does a Defensive Driving Course Cover

Road safety tips when driving.

What Does a Defensive Driving Course Cover Getting your driver’s license was a great achievement, and one you should be proud of—being able to drive is, after all, a skill you’ll be able to benefit from for the rest for your life. However, driving can also be dangerous, as it’s a complicated activity, and even small mistakes can lead to … Read More

Your Theory and Driving Tests

Theory and Driving Tests

Your Theory and Driving Tests Before you can become a licensed driver, you have to pass both a theoretical exam and a practical one. The aim of this is to ensure that you’re as ready as possible to meet the challenges of driving on the increasingly crowded streets. Driving is a complicated process that requires many parts of your body … Read More

What Happens on the Day of Your Driving Test

Driving Test Myths

What Happens on the Day of Your Driving Test Australia has a four year graduated system of obtaining your full driver’s license and your official driving test is right there in the middle. On driving test day you will be required to drive on the roads to prove your competence as a driver. You need to take the driving test … Read More

The Australian Driving Exam

theory test during your driving exam

The Australian Driving Exam The Australian driving exam is a test used in Australian states and territories to determine whether a driver is knowledgeable of the rules of the road and is fit to operate a motor vehicle. It is an important resource to ensure safe driving on the roads of Australia. The material on the written driving exam consists … Read More

Driving Test Questions

theory test during your driving exam

Driving Test Questions Whether you’re new to the road, or returning to it, you’re going to have to take one of the Australian driving exams. Driving test questions are made to ensure road safety and your knowledge of the road. The department of Transport determines which questions are selected for the various tests. Depending upon where you live, you will … Read More